Thanksgiving Week Sale through November 30th at Midnight!  Everything is on sale, with all Christmas Shower Curtains at $45 each. And, sign up to win a free Shower Curtain from this store or from my Beach Shower Curtains Store.  I’ll be gifting one free shower curtain each day between December 1st and December 12th.  No purchase required, just complete the Contact form and provide your name, email address, product number and name of the shower curtain you would like to receive.

Christmas Shower Curtains Shop brings Christmas cheer to your Christmas Bathroom Decor.   Browse over 2,000 Christmas Shower Curtain designs, including new 2014 Christmas Shower Curtains, as well as some 2013 Christmas Shower Curtain favorites.  

I’m recovering from an emergency surgery I had on October 20th, but I’ll try to add new Christmas Shower Curtains each week as I can through the end of November. Please check back often to see what’s new for Christmas 2014.

You can access Christmas Shower Curtains Shop shopping site by clicking on the Go Shopping button in the upper menu, or choose from any of the Christmas Shower Curtains categories on the right side of this page.

All Christmas Shower Curtains designs can be ordered on matching Christmas Bedding, Christmas Window Curtains, Christmas Area Rugs, Christmas Throw Pillows, Christmas Blankets, Christmas Kitchen Accessories, Christmas Clocks, Christmas Office Gifts, Christmas Bags and many more Christmas Home Decor and Christmas Gift Ideas.  The customizable items I offer can be found at the top of the shopping site in the Vintage Santa Claus Gifts section.

If you would like one of my designs on another product, please complete the Contact Me form in the menu above.  I will have your custom designed products available for purchase within 48 hours.

Thank you very much for shopping with me.  I really appreciate your business, and wish you a very healthy and happy Merry Christmas!